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At Pride and Joy  you have several options for a full agritourism experience. It starts with a leisurely walk where you can spend as much time as you like visiting the various elements of an organic dairy farm. Kids and adults alike love the cows and watching our working Border Collie Dogs who are part of the family.

Stay Overnight in Our Farm Cabin

For a mini vacation or  learning where your food comes from experince, stay overnight in our cozy Farm Cabin.  The Farm Cabin is a delight. Located in the heart of the Pride and Joy,  it is a private house complete with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, family room and a washer/dryer. The bedroom has a comfortable full size bed.  There are 2 bedrooms downstairs. One has a double bed. The other has two twin beds. The little farm house comfortably sleeps four people but has the capacity for 6.  The bathroom has a tub and a shower along with a vanity. The cozy family room completes the quiet atmosphere with a backdoor leading out to a spacious and beautiful backyard. $85.00 a night for up to 6 people.

Come and sample our farm products and use the kitchen to cook a wonderfully healthy and delicious meal.  Watch a cow being milked, gather some eggs, watch the working Border collies, or just take a walk in the pastures and watch the cows graze.

Farm Tours and Field Days

For an even more in-depth experience, join one of our Field Days that features hands-on learning such as:

  • Planting and maintaining organic pasture land
  • Pasture rotation
  • Organic grass fed milk
  • Herding cattle and sheep using Border Collies
  • Using chickens to clean your pasture of parasites and provide the healthiest eggs and meat 
  • Raising grass finshed beef and lamb 
  • And many other topics

The farmer-to-farmer learning experience allows time for questions and answers at an advanced level, and an opportunity for farmers to share what practices are being used and the logic behind them. Community members are also welcome.

Personnal and group tours can be given on Fridays or Saturdays by appointment April, May, June & July.  Please call the farm for appointments at 509-854-1389.