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Beef & Lamb

Available seasonally from our peaceful pastures - 100% grass fed and finished  beef or lamb.

Our magnificent animals are born on our intensively managed pastures and spend their entire life in our low-stress system.  Farm slaughtered to minimize stress, they will be custom cut & wrapped to your specifications. Our intense pasture management allows for the maximum amount of heart-healthy omega 3's and conjugated lineolic acid (CLA’s) available. Tender & flavorful, all cuts yield a pleasurable eating experience.


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Due to the seasonality and/or special delivery needs, these products are not available for instant purchasing through our online store.

Please click the button above to go to our purchase request form and we will promptly reply to discuss purchasing options. Thank you!

Ask our about additional grades of grass fed beef if you are interested in a less expensive beef option!

*Prices shown are for reference only - exact pricing will depend on actual hanging weight and additional butcher fees for cutting and wrapping your purchase.