Established 1978

It is with a heavy heart that we let all of our customers of Pride and Joy raw milk know that we have surrendered our milk processing license and will not continue production. Our original intent was to reopen a new facility at a new location, but that unfortunately will now not be the case. We will not be opening a new facility for raw milk. The reason we kept fighting for so long is because of our loyal customers. We are extremely sorry to let you all down but the bureaucracy, financial burden and uncertainty of this business is now too much for us.

We truly believe in raw milk, and hope you continue to support other local farmers and keep the raw faith going. Please continue to purchase REAL food from our neighboring farms to keep them in business.

Please visit to continue to order raw milk from other farms as well as our Pride and Joy raw cheeses and meats.


Certified Organic

At Pride and Joy, our pasture-fed cows come first! Whether it’s the lush green pasture grass our cows graze on contentedly or the personal attention each cow gets, it’s the extra touch that sets these cows apart. Either way, these cows have it made! And you, as the recipient of the resulting products reap all the benefits!

Our Raw milk is

-Extremely high in CLA and Omega 3 fatty acids

-Grade A

-Certified Organic by the WSDA which means No chemicals used on our pastures, No GMO’s are fed to our cows, No antibiotics or added hormones

-100% Grass-Fed utilizing MIG (management intensive grazing)

-A-2 Beta Casein Bred since 2003

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Love these guys! Their milk is fantastic! I go to their farm shop to buy milk. I have seen first hand that they treat their "girls" like family.

Lisa Picatti

After not being able to drink raw milk for a few months, many of our allergy symptoms seemed to come back; especially skin dryness. When we got our recent order of milk, we all just sat around the table drinking a huge glass each! It was like liquid gold! We feel so much better, and look forward to our systems balancing out. Thank you for treating your cows so well, and for caring about the quality milk that you help them produce! We truly know the difference!

Zach and Stephanie Ross

For several years, raw milk from grass-fed cows has been the only milk I have consumed. The nutritional benefits are huge. If raw milk is not available, I choose to go without. The milk from Pride and Joy is delicious. I like to purchase the half gallon size and love that it comes in a plastic jug with a handle. That makes it lightweight and easy to shake. Now if I could just get them to make and sell butter....

Carol Mattox

We came to visit the farm about 5 years ago when our girls were little. Our youngest was just starting to transition to milk & we believed raw milk was the only choice. I did a lot of research as we were really getting serious into our journey for the highest quality food. We were met with a lot of worry about the safety of raw milk, let alone giving it to a 1 year old! So off we went to the farm to meet the people, see the cows & the process for ourselves. This left no doubt as to the safety & quality of this wonderfully nutritious product! Our girls know why they eat/drink what they do & are willing to explain it to others. Our oldest was having eczema & allergy issues with other dairy, but not with the raw milk! I encourage anyone to make the trip to find out where their milk comes from, you'll know why it costs what it does & why it's well worth it.

Andrea Kittilson

The very best in the business. We love all of our local creameries, but Pride and Joy is our very favorite milk to drink. It's a house staple. So happy that our state supports raw and local and we are happy to be a part of that.

Laura Young

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At Pride and Joy Dairy we are a passionate group of people.  We are passionate about life.  We are passionate about learning and improving.  We are passionate about sustainable agriculture, grass-based farming, raw milk and healthfulness.

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