Are your cows A-2?

We have been A-2 Beta Casein Bred for 14 years now(as of 2017) so we are on our 3-4th generation of being A-2 bred.  Due to trademark liabilities and confidentiality agreements, we were not able to disclose this until recently.  We are also a closed herd and pride ourselves in breeding to the highest standards possible. 

Can I get just get a bottle of the cream and not the milk?

Fortunately or unfortunately we are old school.  We do not take out the cream on the top of our milk so every container has cream on the top.  We suggest letting it sit for at least 24 hours and then you can use either a cream separator or take a syringe or turkey baster to suck the cream off the top.  Makes excellent butter, whip cream or cream for your morning coffee! 

Do you sell butter?

Not at this time. Butter requires quite a bit of cream and we do not take the cream off the top of the raw milk. We have looked into this several times and unfortunately you have to make such large batches to have it made and packaged for you, that it is almost impossible to do with our small scale farm.  We are looking at many different processing options still at the moment as we feel butter and cream are the two most asked about products for us. If we come up with a solution to the large batch processing, we will definitely let you know! If you want to make your own butter, just skim it off the top of the raw milk you purchase.  

What are your store hours on the farm?

We are always open!  Farmers don't really get a vacation so our store is always open to the public.  We do suggest that you come during the day for the first time so that if you do have any questions, we are around to answer them for you.  We accept preorders through our website and Paypal. Cash and check are taken at the farm.    If you would like a tour, please call ahead so the cows can have the time to spend with you.  

What is a Drop off Group and how do I get my milk?

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