Safety and Security

It is our job to ensure that you feel comfortable drinking our milk.  We are Certified Organic, Grade A, 100% Grass-fed, A-2 Beta Casein Bred but that does not even come close to ensuring we are the best! We test every single batch of milk that leaves the farm every week by two independent labs.  We also have practices and procedures at every step of the process to keep the milk that comes to you at its peak quality.  We stand behind our product 100%.  If you are ever unsatisfied, please let us know.   

We take a sample from every load of milk bottled, every week to a local lab called Ag Health in Sunnyside that does the testing. There is a second company we use called Silliker Labs which is a California State certified lab that gives us a second set of results. We also have a company called Dairy herd Improvement come every month and test each cow for Lbs of milk, butterfat, Protein, Sommatic Cell count.  That gives us view of  the cow's health.  We have always done this. 
We also have a recorder that checks the temperature of the milk in the milk tank and thermometers in the fridges and trucks.  We have another company come out and check and change the gaskets of the pipelines regularly so they do not crack and have an area for build up of bacteria.  The workers are required to follow procedures while bottling to prevent contamination.The major thing for e coli though is the cows welfare.  They do not eat grain which promotes ecoli in the intestine.  They are on a grass fed diet year around.  We are always conscious and aware of the cleanliness of the area the cows are in.  Mostly they are on pasture unless there is too much snow.  They prefer being out on the grass to being in a corral. We are in retirement years (but do not want to)  and raised our 2 kids on this farm.  We did not know that my kids could get sick from drinking milk so I fed it to them every day and we did not do half of the things we do now to ensure the quality back then such as being organic(15 years) and pasturing(20+ years). Our Grandkids now drink it daily with no issues. We have always been aware of the health of our cows though. We have changed and evolved through out the 39 years into the farm we are today.  We try very hard to do our best by our cows and our customers. Below are samples of what we receive from our labs:

If you are interested in our procedures or would like a copy of our current lab results, please contact us!